It starts with maximizing your deductions.









If you've ever seen a fellow business owner showing off their brand spanking new Mercedes G-Wagon over on the 'gram and thought to yourself:



...or felt annoyed when you learned that you could have been paying your mortgage interest and utility bills (yup – including the cleaning person, pool guy and landscaper) through the business instead of out of your own pocket...
...you’re not alone.
Nope – you’ve just fallen for the same trap I see countless online business owners fall into:
They build their business. 
They grow it into a wildly profitable one with killer cash flow and consistent revenue.
But they never get to fully enjoy the fruits of their labor.

‘Cause they pay way more in taxes than they need to.



Tax Season is rolling around again and you can feel your anxiety levels rising.

Suddenly, your solid 8 hours of sleep every night are being interrupted by thoughts of giant tax bills, your accountant shaking their head at the sales receipt for that Louis Vuitton bag for your computer you bought 5 months ago, and the reality that the dream vacation you’ve had pinned on your vision board for YEARS – the one you promised yourself and your family you’d take when you hit X figures in revenue or got Y more clients – has to be put on the back burner again.


Who needs horror movies to get their thrills when the sight of those three little letters (IRS 😱) is enough to make you want to scream into a throw pillow?!


It’s not just about the money – it’s the uncertainty of it all.


You don’t know what you’re going to owe. You don’t know if you’ve kept your records well enough. You don’t know if there was a way you could have deducted more and end up paying less.


And then there’s the regret. 


The little voice in your head and feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you wish you had kept better track of your expenses. 


You wished you had asked your accountant more questions when they shamed you for asking if you could write off a girls’ trip to New York or resorted to their usual ghosting tactics whenever you asked for advice.


You wish you knew more about your business finances.



The thing is...



You’ve listened to so many friends and family members who think they know what’s up (they don’t. Thanks anyway, Jan!). You’ve hired an accountant and assumed that they would put on their Super Accountant cape and do their utmost to save you as much money in taxes as is legally possible – only to realize that most accountants don’t think outside the box. They make the obvious deductions and ignore the rest.


And now? You’re stuck.


Stuck knowing that you probably could be maximizing your deductions.


You probably could be enjoying more of the CEO lifestyle (with your awesome car, amazing home office set up, fancy coffee machine and first class travel) AND having more of your money in your pocket for all the other things you want to do in life (like pay for your kids’ college tuition, take that dream vacation, buy that holiday home by the beach, invest).


You probably could be turning more of your personal expenses into business ones…


...and saving a sh*t ton of money on your taxes in the process.


Friend? It’s not too late.


No but really...



You’re going to get audited.

Listen: Only 1% of people ever get audited so the chance of it happening to you is very unlikely. But, on the off chance you do get audited, you just need to make sure you’ve documented things properly so you can say “BRING IT ON, MAN” if the IRS ever comes knocking at your door.


You’re going to be sent to jail.

The only people who get sent to jail because of tax-related things are people who try to EVADE paying taxes (like Al Capone). Tax evasion and tax avoidance are two very different things. Tax evasion is illegal so you will go to jail for trying that. What we’re doing is using the tax code (y’know, the one that was created by and is regulated by the American government) to save you money on your tax. It’s completely legal.


Paying a lot in taxes is just the way the world works and there’s no way around it

This is like saying that just because Starbucks is the home of the brown sugar oat milk latte, you cannot try to recreate it in your own kitchen. Of course you can (I have!). Paying a lot in taxes and never maximizing your deductions does not have to be the status quo. If you want to pay less in taxes (while still making sure you’re paying what you NEED to be paying) so you have more money in your pocket for all the other things you want to do in life AND if you want to get to live the CEO lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work – why shouldn’t you!?

Here it is...




“Deduct personal expenses through my business?! Are you insane?!”


Insane? No. Crazy about helping you pay less in taxes and get to enjoy the money you work so hard to make in your business? YES. (Ask me about the time I helped a client buy her BMW SUV in cash using her tax savings.) 


Listen, I get that the subject of taxes, deductions, expenses and write-offs can be scary. I understand that when you don’t fully know how taxes and business finances work, it’s easier to just go along with what you’ve been told (or assumed) is the “right” way to do things than try to rock the boat.


But that’s why I’m here. 


Saving you money on your taxes is my JAM. Helping my clients save over $10 million dollars in taxes is what I do.


And now I’m helping you learn how to do the same for yourself.



In case we haven’t met yet – HEY. I’m Barbara. Coffee-loving mama, proud military spouse and passionate tax accountant...who also happens to kick serious ass when it comes to rescuing business owners like you from tax season stress and helping you save thousands of dollars on your taxes.


My passion for crunching numbers, diving into tax strategies and saving my clients THOUSANDS in taxes every single year doesn’t just come from my desire to do right by my clients (or my head for maths).


Honestly? I know what it’s like to stress out about money. 


When I was growing up, I didn’t even know what a savings account was and I was constantly reminded that we “didn’t have enough”. I remember having to mentally calculate the cost of things at the grocery checkout, praying that I had enough money in my account to cover the total. 


So, when I became the first college graduate in my family I knew that I had to use my

knowledge and skills in accountancy to help educate as many people as possible about

money, finances and saving.


Because at the end of the day – we all have to pay taxes. I want to make sure you’re

only paying what you NEED to be paying so that you can also save, plan for retirement,

take a dream vacation (or 10), and actually enjoy your life and the rewards of your hard

work and business success.


And that’s where Write Off Your Life™ comes in.



“Can I write my G-Wagon off through my business?!?” – within MINUTES of accessing the course

With dozens of bite-size modules on different topics for expenses in your business (everything from your home office to cars to your daily Starbucks latte and cocktail hour marg with your spouse) – the only thing you’ll need to decide is which burning question about deductions you want to get the answer to first.

Are you ready for it?

ALL FOR $1997

Write Off Your Life and



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Want to know how I do it?

I want you to pay less in taxes, keep more of your money for yourself and live the CEO lifestyle with my Triple E method

Phase 1:

Get educated by learning what expenses and deductions are.

Phase 2:

Feel empowered through knowing how to simply document your deductions and easily create your own Profit + Loss statement.

Phase 3:

Feel eased knowing that you're about to save thousands of dollars in taxes each and every single year (+ no more interrupted sleep when tax season rolls around!)


I’ve saved my clients over $10 million in taxes this year

– now it’s your turn.


The secret sauce to paying less in tax (without breaking the law) is knowing the strategy behind turning your personal expenses into business expenses. This is what I help my clients do – meaning they’re able to have more of their money in their pocket and use it for what they WANT to use it for. 


In Write Off Your Life™, I’m teaching you the exact same deduction strategies I’ve used with my clients to save them over $10 million dollars in taxes this year. And if they can do it? So can you.


I firmly believe that you should get to keep as much of your money as you legally can.


You deserve to save money on your taxes so you can buy that bag, go on that trip or invest in your future. 


And you deserve to feel like the kickass, thriving CEO you already are (and if that means splurging on a G-Wagon, do itttt).

You've got all the questions...


 Let's dive in...


"Barbara, this sounds awesome but $1997 is a little steep for me..."

Here's a question for ya: Would you rather pay $1997 once and save 10x or 20x the value

of this course EVERY SINGLE YEAR…


...or skip the one-time payment of this course and continue to overpay on your taxes to

the tune of tens of thousands of dollars every single year?


"I really want to learn how to save money on my taxes but I have ZERO spare time"


I get that you’re busy which is why I’ve designed this course to be extremely simple,

digestible and really easy to consume. You can even listen to the audio while you

commute, work out, chop veggies for dinner OR you can give it to your assistant and

have THEM learn on your behalf. Talk about delegation!


"Taxes seem so complicated. Shouldn't I just leave this to my accountant?!"


I know that the topic of taxes probably makes you want to curl up under your duvet and

ignore it all together. But by burying your head in the sand and vowing to yourself “I’ll

finally get my taxes sorted out NEXT YEAR” you are missing out on the peace of mind,

confidence and extra cash that taking control of your taxes will give you.


Oh and most accountants only input the numbers you give them – they don't know how to do

tax strategy (my specialty) which means you could (and probably are) missing out on

literally THOUSANDS of dollars in unclaimed deductions and expenses every single tax

season. If you know this stuff, you can be the one to give a deductions-maximized P + L

statement to your account so you don't miss out on saving all those dollars.


"I've only recently started my business and I don't have a ton of expenses so I'm

probably not ready for this yet, right?"


I know you think that you’re not making enough money to worry about this yet or maybe

you think that since you don’t have that many expenses yet (just wait!) you can put this

off – but here’s the thing: knowing this stuff for the future will save you HUNDREDS of

hours in frantic Googling whenever tax season rolls around and THOUSANDS of dollars

in deductibles. I’ve literally had clients who ended up paying ZERO tax for the year. Isn’t

that something worth spending a little time on now?

"I already have an accountant – is this course still for me?"


Absolutely! The beauty of WOYL is that I'm teaching you about the tax deductions that help my clients save tens of thousands of dollars in taxes each and every single year – that

strategy is going to get you the same kind of results whether you send over your now maximized-to-the-hilt profit and loss statement to your current accountant or you do

your own accounts. WOYL is going to educate you on tax deductions so you can finally feel

empowered enough about your own business finances and numbers (and the laws

behind them) to present your accountant with your own deductions and ways to

maximize your tax savings.


"Who is WOYL not for?"


Honestly? The only business owners that WOYL is NOT for are business owners who

don't want to save money! Do you know any of those kind of business owners?! I don't....!

Join today to

Write Off Your Life – and get ready for your life to change.


Pay in Full

1 payment of $1997

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  • BONUS Home Office Deduction Calculator
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And if you’re a business owner who wants to pay their fair share but still pay the least amount possible (and enjoy the perks of being your own boss and KILLING it in your biz), then you need this in your life.

Still not sure? If you’re shouting “HELL YES” to any of these, Write Off Your Life™ is where you need to be:

 You’re fed up with paying too much in taxes and not having anything to show for your hard work and the success you’re generating in your business

 You want to learn the insider information on how to write off your life so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, buy the fancy coffee machine, drive the luxury car, fly first class and put it all through the business legally

 You’re tired of hearing how huge corporations are paying little or no taxes and want to learn how you can be a good citizen AND STILL keep more of your money for yourself

 You’re over Googling for answers, asking friends and family for their (uninformed) opinion and not knowing what/if/how you could be maximizing your deductions

 You have an accountant but they aren’t so hot on the strategy side of things. Never thinking outside the box or coming up with ways for you to write off personal things as business expenses. You want to be able to hand them your maximized-to-the-hilt Profit + Loss sheet and see the balance on your tax bill TUMBLE

...and you want to feel like the kickass, thriving, wildly successful CEO you know you already are.


Here’s the thing: CEOs don’t get kept up at night worrying about if they’re paying too much in taxes. CEOs don’t feel like they have to settle for the budget home office reno when they know they want the full, high-spec option. 


CEOs feel empowered, educated and eased when it comes to their business finances. 


Now let’s get you there, too.

I’ll give you your first piece of tax deduction advice for free…


Yep! Any course or program you buy for your business is 100% deductible which means you can buy this course, write it off AND learn how to save thousands of dollars in taxes every single year in your business.


Kind of a no brainer, huh?!

 I don’t want you to stay stuck where you are right now...


Paying too much in taxes, feeling stressed and anxious whenever tax season rolls

around, and frustrated that your successful business isn’t translating into your dream CEO lifestyle.


I don’t want you to waste another second of your precious time feeling worried or regretful that you haven’t figured all this out sooner. 


You cannot know everything.


But knowing how to maximize your deductions so you can pay less in taxes and save more of your money for yourself and all those dreams you have? It’s so important.


Which is why I created Write Off Your Life.

Let me show you how you can pay less taxes legally, feel educated, empowered and eased when it comes to your business finances, and save a sh*t ton of money in the process.

Join today to

Write Off Your Life – and get ready for your life to change.


Pay in Full

1 payment of $1997

  • Bite-sized modules and instant tax deduction answers
  • BONUS Home Office Deduction Calculator
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2 payments of $1,111

  • Bite-sized modules and instant tax deduction answers
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  • Bite-sized modules and instant tax deduction answers
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